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ClearSky Data added a scale-up NAS option as a managed service to complement its block storage and hybrid data protection. Despite the growth in flash storage, NAS systems still primarily rely on spinning media. The list of vendors is extensive, with most offering more than one configuration to help customers balance capacity and performance. These also work well for large compute cluster users requiring high-performance file data access or any organization needing parallel access to file data.

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R&B Wire offers a wide variety of products to suit many industries in need of cart transportation or linen storage. Their products are an investment designed to give their customers years of service. “I knew I wanted open shelving on one side to keep the room feeling airy,” says designer Dina Bandman. Meanwhile, the 24-inch Bosch 800 series washer and dryer fit the narrow footprint of this San Francisco laundry room perfectly and allows room for a folding station above.

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Accidentally delete a file or save a new version of a file you’re not happy with? Dropbox stores copies of all deleted files and folders for 30 days—or as many as 180 days for Dropbox Business users—including previous versions of files, so you can easily recover them. We also provide confirmation warnings on the desktop when team members move or delete files.

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DIN Rails are an industry standard for server rack equipment, and offers a DIN Rail kit which fits all standard 19” racks. This kit features adjustable depth and the entire kit occupies 2 U’s of rack space. As with other server rack accessories, check on the product page under the Technical Specifications tab to make sure your equipment will fit within the product’s measurements. As a pure storage solution for all of your mobile photography, this is easily the most affordable unlimited option we’ve seen.

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InterServer offers both self-managed and managed VPS hosting solutions that come with unlimited bandwidth. Each plan has a variety of choices when it comes to OS and runs on state-of-the-art technology.